Empower Yourself Over Panic & Anxiety.


Guided relaxation.

Listen to guided audios to stop panic attacks, anxiety or help you simply relax.  

Relax with sound.

Choose from 24 high quality relaxing sounds. Mix your favorites together. Play in the background while using other apps or connect to any Airplay device. 


Tap into calm.

Learn empowering techniques, including Tapping in Tranquility & Positive Affirmations.

 Set the timer. 

Pick how long you want to listen to relaxing sounds with the custom timer, which is perfect for sleep, meditation or a quick nap.


#1 Medical App For Anxiety in App Store®

This is an awesome app and its about time something constructive yet so simple has been created using technology to aid anxiety related issues!
— Sara L.
This is a fantastical app. I use this at night and the visualization is awesome. Thanks, It is helping me!
— Raquel R.
This app popped up while I was having a difficult time with my emotions. I’m very pleased with how this makes me feel. Cancer is a daunting feeling that fleets in and out unconsciously, this is very peaceful.
— Joan D.


Calm Down Now™ is an empowering, 5-star rated app for anxiety and panic. Created by psychotherapist June Tomaso-Wood, compiling over 30 years of clinical techniques. Listen to guided relaxation audios, learn empowering techniques in the animated handbook (including tapping EFT) or custom mix a variety of your favorite relaxing sounds. Utilizing the top methods for instant relaxation and overcoming anxiety, this app empowers you every time! 

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