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Stop Panic & Anxiety – Relax Instantly!

On a recent trip to London, a friend of mine started having a panic attack and I noticed how uncomfortable he was. I took him aside and tried to help the best I could. I quickly remembered that one of my oldest friends Blake Wood and his mother, psychotherapist June Tomsao-Wood, had created an empowering iPhone App for anxiety! I had him download it and after 5 minutes, he was finally able to relax.

The app is a combination of guided relaxation audios, relaxing sounds and techniques that empower users over anxiety and panic. You can pick and choose what works best for you. The positive affirmations are my favorite section – the images are just gorgeous!


“I have never felt compelled to write a review for anything ever but this app has really saved me. It reminds me how to soothe myself during times of panic, the times when I’m so likely to forget. Even just the calming sounds make such a major impact for me but this app has so much more. It makes me confident that I can ward off a panic attack before it gets really bad. So incredible! Thank you for thinking of people with anxiety disorders and for creating this!”

- Holly

I am sooo happy to share this app with you all. I truly hope it helps those of you who have issues with anxiety.

Download here:

Thank you Kelly for the lovely words and for sharing our app with so many people!

-Calm Down Now Team